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My cleaning process sterilises all the cooking surfaces thus eliminating the hygiene risk towards your family or guests. Call Wayne on 0800 422 730 and he will professionally clean your barbecue (domestic or commercial) on site. Not only can he carry out minor servicing, he can also conduct major overhauls, as well as supplying replacement parts and accessories - burners, lids, trays and covers. He even replaces the BBQ gravel in the drip tray.



Paving, decks and patio floor cleaning

BBQ Doctor has a unique process for the removal of stains, grease and weathering on floors, paving, paths, decks and patio areas. Wooden decking is restored to original condition.

Outdoor furnitureOUTDOOR FURNITURE
My unique process cleans the wood and fabric of outdoor furniture. I convert your tired, silvered wood finish back to the original rich hardwood colour. And I do all this on site.




Need your gas heater checked or serviced before winter sets in? Call Wayne on 0800 422 730 and I will do it for you.



Commercial kitchen cleaningCOMMERCIAL KITCHENS
BBQ Doctor's special system removes carbon and built-up residues from stoves, ovens, filters, extractor hoods, floors, wash areas and loading bays. I can clean to a high standard of hygiene where normal cleaning fails. My service ranges from a "one-off" clean of specified areas; to monthly or weekly heavy duty cleans as required.

For further information call Wayne on 0800 422 730, or mobile (0274) 970 892



Many BBQ afficionados are reluctant to part with their time-treasured model, for a variety of reasons.  Whatever these reasons may be, you can now relax, because the BBQ Doctor recognises your needs, and provides a service to refurbish the old faithful, at a fraction of the cost to replace with a new model.  This one (pictured) was completely stripped, sandblasted, powdercoated to the client's choice of colour scheme, fitted with a new burner and igniter, and now occupies pride of place in his outdoor living area. It will cater for his BBQ needs for the next 10 years or more. 

Call Wayne on 0800 422 730, or mobile (0274) 970 892, for further information.




If you're moving your household overseas, don't run the risk of contravening the Border Regulations with dirty equipment.  Not only have your BBQ cleaned professionally by us, but also your outdoor furniture, garden tools, motor mower, weedeater, wheelbarrow, chainsaw, dog kennel, bikes, golf clubs, trundlers, children's outdoor equipment, garden pots, ornaments and the like.  We do it all.

For further information call Wayne on 0800 422 730, or mobile (0274) 970 892


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